Monday, February 1, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts and my overall laziness, I have been incredibly busy at the moment with my personal and work life and have hardly had time to sit down on the couch with my boyfriend for more than 5 minutes, let alone sit down and thoughtfully plan out a blog post.
I assure you this recent lack of dedication is only temporary, and once I get my black berry back and my digital camera fixed you can start to expect great things here.

Also the fact I'm broke at the moment, makes blogging about things I can hardly afford a little depressing... sigh. (Although having said that I should be getting a little more creative)
But with a new job starting next week things are looking up.

In response to everyones questions regarding the Rodarte dress. The size M fit me well (I'm a 8-10) but I actually found the shoulder bows were a bit too much for me, so I cut them off (they can be reattached so easily if  I change my mind). The mustard is lovely, but I'm regretting not getting the pinky-nude colour.

Lots of love. I'll be back in full swing soon....


  1. I love this photo its so beautiful! It's always nice to hear the reason why bloggers haven't posted much is because they're really busy :)
    Can't wait to see photos of your Rodarte for Target dress, it sounds really interesting, how did you cut the bows off? I'm always scared of altering my clothes in fear of permanently dismembering them!

  2. @Mae.. the bows were just attached with tiny stitches so I just snipped them and voila off they came :) I can stitch them back on very easily so I'm not too worried

  3. Would love to see pictures of you in it too!


  4. Very beautiful photo, that's an amazing dress/skirt!

  5. Omg that photo *swoons* I would love to buy a skirt like that with a gorgeous petticoat underneath

  6. I love your blog! Please check out mine and follow if you'd like :)